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Landscaping Beverly

Landscaping Beverly

For a beautiful yard that will enhance and complement your home, trust Servizio Landscaping. Beverly and the North Shore have been trusting us with their landscaping needs since 1995. We landscape both residential and commercial properties and can perform hardscaping, excavation, mulching and even snow removal as well as landscaping. Beverly, Middleton and the surrounding North Shore area are in good hands with Servizio Landscaping.

All Things Landscaping for Beverly Homeowners

For residential landscaping, Beverly homeowners can put their faith in Servizio Landscaping. Beverly has been our home base for more than 20 years now; we know the topography like the back of our hand and how to maximize the natural geography while still achieving your desired vision. Our comprehensive approach to design includes the walkways and patios, irrigation system and lighting as well as the landscaping. Beverly residents with plenty of New England forestry will be happy to know that we work with your pines, maples and oaks and make them part of your landscape instead of calling for total tree removal to complete your landscaping. Beverly homeowners can also work with us if they’re in need of regular landscape maintenance. We offer a wide range of service packages from modest lawn to more complex installations. We’re the complete package at Servizio Landscaping. Beverly and North Shore homeowners can check out our recent work.

Commercial Landscaping Beverly Businesses

Of course, an attractive landscape is an important part of your business as well. We’re happy to help commercial clients with their landscaping. Beverly businesses such as office parks, hospitals, malls and condominiums of any size and scope can turn to us for ongoing maintenance as well landscape design.

Additional Services from Servizio Landscaping Beverly Clients Can Utilize

We do so much more than look out for your lawn at Servizio Landscaping. Beverly and North Shore clients can call us for these services as well:

Excavation: We have more than 15 years of experience in excavation work at Servizio Landscaping. Beverly residential and commercial clients in need of excavation will get complete site work when working with us. We’ll clear and prepare the site for excavation, and we handle: trending and grading; boulder removal; and boulder walls.

Snow plowing: We have reliable and prompt snow removal services at Servizio Landscaping. Beverly and North Shore area clients can survive those snowy New England winters with minimal hassle. We’ll plow both residential homes and commercial business like hospitals who depend on immediate and easy access to their emergency rooms. We’re also fully insured and can do sanding and salting at Servizio Landscaping. Beverly and North Shore area residents and business owners can call us for a free estimate year-round to be prepared for winter.

Hardscaping: We create walkways, entryways, patios and walls at Servizio Landscaping. Beverly clients can hire us to handle all of the construction, preparing and paving. We also work with natural stone, brick and pre-engineered products that come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. We build retaining walls, stone edging and any other hardscape you need to better enjoy your landscaping. Beverly and area clients can get free estimates for their hardscaping needs.

Mulching: We see up to 1,100 yards of mulch per year at Servizio Landscaping. Beverly clients can choose from three varieties to give their property a fresh look all season long.

+ Hemlock mulch: This is our number one seller at Servizio Landscaping. Beverly and area clients are fans of its great scent that lasts all season. It’s a finely-ground hemlock bark mulch that’s orange-red in color.

+ Premium Mix: We offer a premier blend exclusive to Servizio Landscaping. Beverly clients find our mix of aged pine and spruce to be a wonderful, universal mulch. It’s medium in texture and neither too bright nor too dark in color.

+ Aged pine: We find our aged pine mulch to be great for planting beds at Servizio Landscaping. Beverly and area clients use this in their planting beds because it’s a dark black that doesn’t fade too quickly, and it’s dense and heavy enough to support all types of plants.

Tips for Working with Servizio Landscaping in Beverly

We’re your comprehensive, all-in-one company for landscaping in Beverly. But we know you want to be prepared, and we value your input as we strive for a collaborative relationship to bring to life your dream landscaping. Beverly residents considering our services can use these tips to prep themselves for landscaping work:

+ Gather up any and all building plans that are associated with your property prior to Beverly residents can reach out to town officials for any needed planning documents.

+ Research the look you want for your Beverly clients who put their words into pictures find that visuals help them convey the aesthetic they’re after.

+ Keep an open mind with your Beverly clients’ input is certainly valued, but be open to hearing our suggestions if something you’re after isn’t feasible.

+ Plan for the future as well as the immediate installation of the Beverly clients must live with the landscaping long after it’s finished, so be sure the final plan is something you’re capable of maintaining. Of course, if you need help keeping up with your landscaping, Beverly clients can count on us for maintenance services too.

Contact Servizio Landscaping in Beverly, Middleton and Serving the Whole North Shore

Ready to take the landscaping plunge? Still have questions about landscaping? Beverly and North Shore area residents can give us a call at (978) 921-5908 or email us at

About Us

Servizio Landscaping Inc. has been an established corporation since 1995 servicing both residential and commercial properties around the North Shore area. Our offices are located in Middleton and Beverly, Massachusetts. No job is too big or too small. Servizio Landscaping offers free estimates, competitive and reasonable prices. We are fully insured and employ a professional staff.

Servizio Landscaping, Inc., provides high quality and dependable residential and commercial landscaping and snow plowing services to North Shore communities.

We have grown for two simple reasons: Dependability and customer satisfaction. Both are difficult to consistently achieve but we have succeeded because of our well-trained and conscientious staff; our equipment investment and commitment to upgrades; and our attention to detail, regardless of the size of the job.

Whether you are a commercial property owner/manager or a home owner, your objective in hiring a landscaping/snow plowing service is the same: Perfection.

Count on us to deliver flawlessly, whether its landscaping or snow plowing. Servizio Landscaping: The service for all seasons


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